The Future of Marketing: Qureka Banner Impact on Ad Campaigns

It happens very often with us that when we are surfing on the internet on different websites and we come across countless ads that keep running in the background. Ad fatigue seems to be a very common problem for marketers and advertisers. It is definitely challenging to come up with new ideas and ways to catch the audience’s attention. This is where Qureka Banner comes into the rescue.

What is Qureka Banner?

Qureka Banner is an engaging form of digital advertising which is designed to engage users. To keep the users engaged it offers fun, interactive quizzes and games. Unlike the traditional ads, which people mostly ignore and are bored of seeing, it offers a memorable experience to the users. If you are a digital marketer or like to be updated with the latest advertising trends, then read on to learn more interesting things about how this can transform your ad campaigns. 

Concept and use of Qureka Banner

It is a very engaging and attractive banner which engages users and offers them quizzes and games. The concept behind this is pretty simple and easy to understand. A static banner is seen in most of the ads which also has a call to action but in this case it contains a question, quiz or a game. The users can participate in this. Once the users have taken part, the ad takes them to a landing page where they can know more about the product or service which is being advertised. 

The main idea behind the concept is giving the users a very unique and memorable experience which they mostly don’t get with a typical display ad. As the users also like something fun and interesting, this leads to higher engagement rates, people spending longer time duration. The conversion rate also improves.

Guide to Add Qureka Banner to your Website

Adding Qureka banners to your website or app can take you to new revenue streams and increase user engagement. This quick guide will tell you the steps to get started on qurekabanners:

  1. Start by creating a publisher account on QurekaLite’s website to access the essential integration tools.
  2. Decide where you want to place Cureka banners on your website or app, making sure they are visible and relevant to your audience.
  3. In your QurekaLite publisher account, go to “Banner Integrations” to generate the banner code. 
  4. Choose a banner size and format that suits your platform’s design.
  5. A code will be generated on your screen now, copy it to the clipboard.
  6. Visit your application’s or website’s content management system (CMS).
  7. Paste the banner code into the HTML of the selected page.
  8. After adding the Qureka banner, test your website or app thoroughly to ensure the banner displays correctly. 
  9. Monitor performance statistics regularly and optimise banner placement and design based on the results. 
  10. With time and experimentation, you can maximise your earnings and user engagement, all thanks to Qureka banners.

Working of Qureka 

  1. Creation – To start with, one needs a website owner or a web developer who knows how to do coding. Multiple tools and platforms are available which helps us customize these. The most well known ones are Bannerwise, Google web designer and Canva. For designing a poster, select a game or a quiz type, create your questions and then design the user interface. 
  1. Interface – These are designed with a website or an app and appear as a banner on the top or bottom of the page. The users when they see the post are invited to participate in the quiz or game. As soon as the user clicks on this, the game or quiz commences. 
  1. User Interaction – The users interact by answering the questions or playing the game. These questions or the games are mostly related to the product or service which is being advertised. For example, if it’s an advertisement for a furniture brand, then the questionnaire will also be related to the furniture and its specifications. 
  1. Submission of the answer – Once the user has completed the quiz or the game, they are asked for the submission, then they are directed to a landing page. The page contains all the necessary information associated with the brand and offers as well. There is also a call to action so that users can make a decision and buy the product or service. 
  1. Tracking of the performance – It is very significant to measure and analyze the performance of the banner. For this the advertisers can use various analytics tools. The most famous one to track these is Google Analytics. It provides insights about the engagement, time spent on the site, behavior of the user and the conversion rates as well. 

Factors which make Qureka captivating

Let’s see some of the most captivating factors –

  1. Visually attractive design – It has very vibrant and attention grabbing graphics, which attracts the users attention as soon as they see. 
  1. Clear messaging tone – The text is kept very concise and informative so that the readers don’t get bored while reading it. In very short description the message is conveyed about the quiz, game and the rewards associated with the same. 
  1. Mobile friendly design – Many users access the platform through the mobile devices as it is more convenient, so it is kept in mind that the design is mobile friendly and responsive. 
  1. Social Proof – The inclusion of user testimonials, success stories and statistics builds credibility. This helps the users in feeling a sense of connection and it raises their curiosity as well. 
  1. A/B Testing – Regular testing of the posters helps to get an idea about the audience’s taste and preferences. This helps in identifying the target audience as well. 


To summarize, all we can say is that in this modern fast-paced digital world, it is important to stay updated with the industry trends. Keeping the people engaged and grabbing their attention is one of the most important aspects of an advertisement and Qureka Banner surely brings in that

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