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How to Play Heardle 70s Number 1 Answer Today in 2023

Music Puzzle game craze is increasing in this digital time. There are numerous puzzle games covering several genres and categories. In this article, we are going to discuss Heardle 70s which is a globally popular music gaming platform.

What Is Heardle 70s?

Heardle 70s is a clone that can merely have fun with one song every day from the 1970s. It stands as a word-search puzzle tournament. Heardle has a similar sharing procedure that facilitates you to claim how shortly you accurately determined the melody by duplicating a sequel of emoji to your clipboard.

In this contest, Heardle, you don’t have to imagine a term; rather, you try to foresee various music every day. The contest just requires you to play music while attending its opening and guess the music accurately for six moments. If you are thriving, the Heardle reaction exhibits the remaining period for the subsequent music as well as your strategy.

Heardle 70s UK Overview:

Heardle 70s UK is similar to Heardle but there is one thing which makes this game stand out. In this game you get to hear the songs of 1970 not once in a while, rather, the songs of the 70s are played more frequently. Here in this game apart from getting six attempts you can also react with several different sets of emoji while playing  the game to interact.

What Type of Melody is on Heardle?

The initial Heardle melodies were restricted to top-streamed blows of the history 10 years — significance those of us who weren’t up to date with famous melodies might’ve found the tournament additionally difficult.

Currently, there’s an interpretation of Heardle for every lyrical fondness. Heardle Decades proposes a mixture of joyful tournaments, all of which pursue the exact simple Heardle statutes. Whether you adore classic ’50s songs, recent wave or hip-hop, there’s a Heardle out there fitted to your musical preferences. Our personal favourite? Heardle 70s. Heardle 80s doesn’t have an application arrangement, you still readily play on your phone or tablet’s browser.

How To Play Heardle 70s.

You must press play to listen to an example of the melody when you first lift off the Heardle 70s. The melody can be heard in many periods as you like. After hearing the song’s beginning rhyme, you must agree on the song’s artist or identification.

  • See the reasonable 70s melody in the index after attending the opening.
  • Omitted or unsuccessful attempts reveal more of the opening
  • Answer back with the rarest number of tests feasible and post your score.
  • Tap to start up the music and turn up the volume.

Competition Rules

When you foremost utilize the Heardle 70s, you must mash the play switch to listen to an example of the song. You are unrestricted to attend to the music as many times as you want. After listening to the first portion of the music, you must assign the artist or identification of the music.

  • Step 1. Hear the intro, then enjoy a reasonable 70s melody from the index.
  • Step 2. More of the foreword is unlocked as an outcome of omitted or mistaken attempts.
  • Step 3. Answer as fast as possible and share your score.
  • Step 4. Turn up the magnitude and faucet to begin the melody.

Heardle contest approves the outcomes to be communicated on social grids, illustrating the arrangement of tries with colours but without implying the development, stimulating the conspiracy and curiosity to try to demonstrate the music of the day and the challenges between some players and others for thinking the term foremost. 

Benefits of Playing Heardle 70s

Heardle 70s and additional music-based tournaments aren’t just a pleasant way to depart the time, research indicates it can furthermore benefit our mental and bodily well-being — particularly as we get aged.

  • Lowers Anxiety Hormones

A new study has demonstrated that nostalgic melodies can retain an incredibly feel-good impact. It implies that the body discharges smaller cortisol, an anxiety hormone when the public listens to music. This exact analysis referenced the last research stating that melody had a small measurable impact on cortisol statuses. 

  • Increases Brain Energy

Listening to music that motivates you to dance increases belief in 3 minutes, declare Japanese scientists. Satisfying time with music that has a rhythmic trough activates the same brain, improving toiling recollection (required to multitask), awareness, planning and problem-solving aptitudes.

  • Sharpens Memory

A recent University of Georgia inspection established that short outbreaks of soft to mediate “good” anxiety, like during a joy cellphone tournament, activate brain regions to enhance labouring recollection. There may be mental advantages to playing tournaments, given the manner they commit our recollections and emphasis.

  • Improves Hearing

When you guess the correct song, feel free to sing along. When ladies sang regularly each week, their capacity to listen to the conversation was enhanced by up to 20% in 10 weeks. Canadian scientists declare singing processions the brain to investigate for musical memos, which sharpens your capacity to listen to voices.

Challenges to Face While Playing Heardle 70s

There are several challenges which the players  will encounter for winning the Heardle 70s. To make you prepared and aware for those challenges we have listed them below:

Limited Time to Guess the Song: The limitation of time is one of the common challenges that  players face. Players need to guess the song from the below given list as soon as the intro of the song is played. This challenge adds an element of urgency in the game, thereby testing our knowledge and ability to think fast. 

Different Difficulty Level: The game has several difficulty levels which tests the player’s knowledge of the songs from the 70s. The game starts from featuring popular hits and then gradually moves to  a level which requires a deep understanding of the music of that era. Thus, by doing this game allows every kind of audience to take part and enjoy the gaming.

Heardle Number 1 Answers Today in 2023

There is one song for each day in order to make the game more interesting and unique. Below mentioned list contains heardle number 1 answers today in 2023:

  • November 1 – Last Nite – The Strokes
  • November 2 – “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean.
  • November 3 – Attention by Charlie Puth
  • November 4 – I’ll Be There – Jess Glynne
  • November 5 – Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
  • November 6 – “First Day Out” by Tee Grizzley
  • November 7 – “Blue Monday” by New Order
  • November 8 – “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand
  • November 9 – “Cool Girl” by Tove Lo.
  • November 10 – “Tequila” by Dan + Shay.
  • November 12 – “This Could Be Us” by Rae Sremmurd
  • November 13 – “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson.
  • November 14 – “My Shhh” by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.
  • November 15 – “I Like Me Better” by Lauv.
  • November 16 – “Heart-Shaped Box” by Nirvana.
  • November 17 – “Season of the Witches” by Donovan.
  • November 18 – “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure.
  • November 19 – “London Calling” by The Clash
  • November 20 – “Karma Police” by Radiohead.
  • November 21 – “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol.
  • November 22 – “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons.
  • November 23 – “Oops!…I Did It Again” by Britney Spears.
  • November 24 – “Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott.
  • November 25 – “Yellow” by Coldplay.
  • November 26 – “Murder On My Mind” by YNW Melly
  • November 27 – “Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates)” by Robin Schultz.
  • November 28 – “Can’t Stop” by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • November 29 – “Maneater” by Daryl Hall & John Oates.
  • November 30 – “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift.



Whether you’re peeking for a fresh tournament or wholly choose attending over spelling, Heardle 70s is the right place for you. The statutes are comfortable enough to memorize in minutes, yet the tournament itself can be surprisingly problematic. The advantages of gameplay and melody make an extremely effective case for playing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Heardle’s 70s?

Heardle is a word-search mystery tournament. It seizes performers on a nostalgic voyage to the vibrant 1970s. Furthermore, it illustrates a grid of notes where performers must discover terms corresponding to that period, from disco to iconic tendencies.

  • How do you play the Heardle 70s?

Having fun at Heardle is easy. You scan the grid of missives horizontally, vertically, and obliquely to discover terms. Once you spot a term, highlight it by attaching the letter forward.

  • What is the objective of the Heardle 70s contest?

The major objective is to discover all the hidden phrases within the mystery grid. Furthermore, as you find and relate the missives to form terms, they vanish from the index, demonstrating your improvement. The challenge is to find all the terms in the index.

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