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MC Stan:- Career, Biography and Family

Rapper MC Stan hails from Pune, Maharashtra, India. His real name is Altaf Tadavi. Born on August 30, 1999, he quickly rose to prominence as a highly contentious figure in the Desi hip-hop scene and Indian rap music. His debut song, “Wata,” was released in 2018, and ever since then, he has continuously created successful songs. There are several songs by MC Stan, and his most recent one, “Shana Bann,” is at the top of the Indian rap music charts right now.

MC Stan, who is only 23 years old, has amassed enormous popularity and notoriety. He now frequently appears at different award ceremonies to display his talent.

He is not just renowned for his musical skills, but also for his impeccable sense of style. His wardrobe choices have even started trends, and he is now widely regarded as a style icon.


The birthdate of Altaf Tadavi is August 29, 1999. People are in awe of MC Stan’s distinctive vocal style and use of alternative music. He sings and raps in Hindi, and many people have been moved by his music. He won the Big Boss because of his devoted admirers. He shares that opinion. His adoring following has propelled him into the public limelight.

He gained a lot of popularity and reputation at the age of 23. Since winning Big Boss, MC Stan has become a regular at award shows. His dress sense also differs from others’. People imitate his style, and today it is fashionable. After reading this, if you’re still startled, check out his YouTube page, which has 225k subscribers. Additionally, there are rumors that he would appear in “Khatron Ke Khiladi” after winning Bigg Boss. This rumor is true—to a certain extent—but it has not yet been verified.

Soon, you may even catch him in a movie. He has talent and is attractive. Fans of MC Stan especially admire his highly distinctive hairstyle.

He has 11.1 million Instagram followers, to speak of his fan base. His exceptional style and the celebs he met are absolutely overflowing on his Instagram account.

He was raised on Qawwali music. He had a passion for music since he was young and intended to focus only on music as a career. But he never gave up, and he believed in the power of perseverance.

Career of MC Stan

MC Stan experienced a lot of difficulty when he was a child. He couldn’t pronounce English correctly. He so enrolled in an English class and began to listen to English music. He began performing rap while he was in the eighth grade and sparked some interest in it.

Another well-known rapper named Emiway Bantai and MC Stan didn’t get along and were often critical of one another. Due to the conflict with Emiway Bantai, MC Stan gained notoriety. His song “Wata” also earned a tone of admiration from the crowd. Over 9 million YouTube users have viewed this song. After the song’s debut, people developed an intense love for him.

Mc Stan’s family

Although Stan’s family is unknown to the general world, it is clear from the lyrics of his songs that he adores and values his mother for supporting him through both good and challenging times.

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