Many spiritual authorities may have made an effort to influence young people. Amogh Lila Ji, however, is one of the select few who appear to intuitively connect with young people. You would be familiar with the type of compelling force they have in their voice if you have seen the talks of people like Sadhguru and Osho on YouTube. One such holy figure is Amogh Lila Ji, who gives some of the most compelling and relevant spiritual discourses.


Ashish Arora, a typical Hindu youngster from Punjab, was Amogh Lila Prabhu. Asish Arora is believed to have been born to a father who was a RAW officer, despite the fact that little information about his parents has been made public. As a result of his father’s active government employment, he travelled extensively around India as a kid. Asish Arora was recognised as a great student throughout his time in school.


After graduating from high school with honours, Asish Arora enrolled at Delhi University. After finishing his course work in software engineering, he was hired by a multinational business (MNC) with headquarters in the US. His early years were considerably different from what he is currently recognised for. He spent between 8 and 10 years working for this MNC before deciding to follow his present spiritual path. at 2010, he initially enrolled at the ISKCON Dwarka in Delhi as a Bramhachari (a saint who has sworn in to celibacy). Amogh Lila Ji is now ISKCON Dwarka’s vice president in Delhi.


Age :-41 Years Old

Relationship Status:- Single

Parents:- According To Reports, The Mother Was A Housewife While The Father Worked For Raw.

Education:- Software Engineering B.Tech. Graduate.

Profession:- 8–10 Years Of Experience As A Software Developer. Monk At The Moment On Dwarka And The VP Of ISKCON.

Place Of Birth:- Lucknow

Birthday:- July 1st

Fascinating Facts

With two sisters who are both happily married, Amogh Lila Ji is the lone boy in his family.

Ashish Arora (also known as Amogha Lila Prabhu) spent the most of his youth in the Northeastern parts of India because his father was frequently stationed there.

Due to his father’s flexible work posting at RAW, he attended schools in Mizoram, Gangtok, Aizawl, and Darjeeling while he was a youngster.

After finishing his 12th grade in the year 2000, he left his house in pursuit of God. But after four months, he went back home and enrolled at Delhi University to get his degree.

Amogha Lila Prabhu earned an 89% overall grade in her B.Tech. in software engineering!

At ISKCON Dwarka in Delhi, none other than the renowned Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj served as his mentor and guru.

A passionate motivational speaker and dedicated social worker, he also devotes his time to the Hare Krishna Movement.

He has a sizable 2,760 Twitter followers who regularly interact with his inspirational tweets.

Furthermore, he has 11,40,000 followers to the ISKCON Delhi YouTube channel, which frequently posts original video.

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