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Why People Crave For Free Content and Entertainment?

See movies and TV shows are something people like to the core. In India and all over the world, there are huge lovers of the content and they spend most money to watch this form of entertainment. Hence, in the last some years, the arrival of OTT has taken things to the next level. This shows that how much people are love with watching stories and some of them are even ready to watch over and over again. Now movie stars all over the world are being treated like best thing happened after God. Despite they do not give any money to the fans, still love is indeed amazing to see. But this love comes at a price that people are not ready to pay. Let us know why.

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Now a person sees huge money going out every time they watch movie, it makes them feel that why not try a platform that can save the money. It makes them have Foxi and other apps for free. It gives them something that is not possible to get otherwise. This tells the impact of being ahead of times and helping save the money. And at the end of the day, it makes the numbers of movie makers and others go down. And it is something that one can look for.

The rise of multiplex has made one thing clear that no other space is left for the single screen cinema hall to the level it used to be. As there is no such option of watching movies, unlike TV shows during the initial weeks, the multiplex charge a lot of money to the fans of the content. Like some of them are even hard to think that how is it possible.

Like PVR INOX is a mega name in the market and they all are expensive to the next level. It is okay for people to see that ticket prices can higher as they can mix and match with credit card offers. But what about pop corn that would cost them not more than 100 rs with all the cost and still it is being sold for not INR 150 or 180 but 400 and more.

And 35 rs cold drink would have sold for 300 rs and more. And these are just two things that man take. And rest do eat in between, the rates them are somewhat okay, but even those can be worked.

Final Take

Movies and TV shows are two ways that make sure that people  have content to chill out and live the life for the good. This shows the impact of the content that is being loved by many. More so than sports, people spend money on watching movies  as this connect with all. And hence, an app like Foxi has to be worked upon so it can bring the best out of them. This way, use of Foxi might go down. But the chances of it becomes very hard to adjust and make sure it can bring the best.

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