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The Ultimate Solution for Affordable and Reliable Internet Access

In the field of wifi management, the ability to temporarily suspend network access can be a valuable tool. Whether you want to control excessive internet usage, then the Piso wifi feature helps to control network usage. In this blog, we will walk through the effective use of this platform and how to deactivate it.

Understanding Piso Pause Time:

The Piso wifi Pause function allows the user to temporarily stop access to the wifi network for a certain period. This feature is especially useful for scheduling network outages, preventing users from connecting to the Internet during those times. By default, it offers pause intervals time with some range. However, the configuration options allow you to adjust these ranges to suit your needs.  

Steps to use the Piso:

By following these simple steps, it can be applicable to pause the wifi from any place not used by the user.

  • To start the process, the first thing is to open the browser, and then in the address bar, enter
  • By using the username and password, proceed with the login process in the platform’s Admin Panel.
  • Once the login process has been completed successfully, then scroll down the page. Then, the user can find the option of an Internet Access Time and click on it.
  • After clicking it, it will display the three options or choices such as 2 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes. If your pausing time comes in this option, click otherwise, ignore it.
  • Then, click the radio button to indicate the customer’s preferred interval time.
  • After concluding the proper time interval, click the apply button for the final confirmation to activate the pause time below the internet access option.
  • The wifi pause function will be activated immediately for a specific time by clicking it.

Turn off the Piso Pause time:

The starting step is the user needs to log in to the platform’s admin page or site using their login username and password.

  • Please click the pause access option after logging into the wifi page.
  • Then click on the option, and it will be requested to enter the password.
  • Provide the password and then click on the apply button.

The Piso pause will be turned off by completing these steps, and the user can access networks.

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