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The most popular international professions 

Representatives of popular international professions can find highly paid jobs in many countries. For example, in the USA, every large employer is trying to set up a psychological assistance room in the office – psychologists are needed for counseling. It is very easy for engineers, programmers, and chemists to obtain work and residence permits in Europe, and in China, teachers with European appearance are in great demand. If you need money for studying – try football bets in Mozambique.


There are several engineering specialties in IT:

  • QA engineers identify software bugs and vulnerabilities, monitor the operation of programs, and write automated scripts for testing.
  • DevOps engineers determine procedures for the development and maintenance of IT projects and engage in automation.
  • SR engineers monitor the performance of a website or program after launch. They usually deal with highly loaded systems.
  • Software architects control the entire development process.
  • Data engineers deploy infrastructure: develop data warehouses to automate information collection processes.

If you consider narrow specializations, you get a long list of engineering professions, but the ones listed above are the main ones.

The profession of a software engineer is in demand in fintech, IT companies, and government agencies. Even novice specialists can get a position in a large organization. Provided you continually improve your skills, demonstrate creative thinking, and offer worthwhile ideas for business automation, you can expect rapid advancement up the career ladder.

You can learn one of the programming languages to solve applied problems on your own. But to become a sought-after specialist, you must have systems thinking and universal programmer knowledge. Therefore, it is advisable to obtain higher education in one of the international programs, where attention is paid not only to higher mathematics, statistics, probability theory, engineering, English, and the formation of additional competencies.

Internet marketer

A marketer promotes products, services, brands, and personalities on the Internet using standard marketing techniques. The profession suits those interested in business, analytics, and communications who want to work with big data and have developed analytical thinking. A specialist needs to track trends, be able to analyze large amounts of data, and draw adequate conclusions about the current state of the market.

The specialty is in demand in many countries around the world. A marketer is needed by any company that wants to know its client and interact effectively with them. For the same reason, work will never get boring: you can solve different cases. Despite the high interest in this international specialty, an Internet marketer is forced to study constantly because the market is developing and works on an irregular schedule: for example, you will have to stay late after the end of the working day during the launch of large projects.

SMM specialist

An SMM specialist does the same thing as an internet marketer, but only on social networks. Social networks are popular worldwide, so the specialty is in demand abroad, and business promotion professionals are in high order everywhere. The main task of an SMM specialist is to increase brand awareness, advertise, and attract customers, and sometimes, the responsibilities also include selling goods and services.

The profession of an SMM specialist is very dynamic. You need to improve your skills and monitor the market and trends so you don’t get ahead of your competitors. It is also necessary to be able to interact with the audience, answer questions, draw up content plans, select content, and form a positive opinion about the company.

The demand for business promotion on social networks is high. Therefore, it is easy for an SMM specialist to find a permanent job with a convenient schedule and a stable salary. You can independently search for clients on the Internet to receive a salary in addition to your primary income. You can start in a small company (to gain experience working on projects), and after a few years, you can open your studio.

Clinical psychologist

A clinical psychologist works with people with mental disorders of varying severity. This specialist helps cope with anxiety, personality disorders, panic attacks, and other borderline conditions. Its main task is to relieve a specific symptom, for example, a mild eating disorder due to increased anxiety.

In complex cases, a clinical psychologist works with the patient parallel to a psychiatrist. A specialist can prescribe medications if he has a medical education. In other cases, assistance is limited to counseling, art therapy, and Gestalt therapy.

You can get this international specialty at non-medical universities. A certified clinical psychologist can work in medical, educational, and social organizations. For example, in a school, clinic, multidisciplinary medical center, and organizations that assist people who find themselves in difficult life situations.

Health coach

A healthy lifestyle mentor is a popular profession abroad. A coach helps to improve activity, reduce the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, improve general condition, and normalize BMI. The specialist, together with the attending physician, if necessary, helps the client monitor his health and form a new approach to life.

A health coach is not a doctor. This specialist does not prescribe medications, prescribe or interpret tests. If necessary, he should refer the client to a therapist if he understands any problems.

To work in this area, you do not need a medical education. In Russia, professions are not taught: there are no special educational programs. But you can enroll in a related field, for example, Psychology: the “Psychological Consulting” profile allows you to engage in personal coaching. It’s good to have an international diploma: this way you can practice abroad, where the profession is in great demand.

Python developer

A Python developer is a programmer who creates software in Python, conducts research, automates processes, and works with neural networks. The language is easy to learn, even for those who have never programmed. But to write logical code, you need to get a fundamental education. The developer needs to know the basics of programming and English, statistics and algorithms, and have good mathematical training.

Python is a general-purpose language. A programmer can work as a developer, engineer, big data and machine learning specialist, analyst, DevOps engineer, or bioinformatician.

Career opportunities for skilled programmers are varied. You can work in the office or remotely, on staff or individual projects, in the most prominent companies. HR specialists are hunting for professionals. They are ready to offer qualified personnel not only the best salary conditions but also a complete social package in the USA or Europe.

Financial analyst

Graduates of the international specialty of Economics can apply for positions of financial analysts, accountants, auditors, and bank employees. The most in-demand profession, which offers ample opportunities for professional fulfillment, is a financial analyst. This specialist helps businesses effectively manage financial flows. It processes data sets and analyzes information to provide management with the information necessary to make critical decisions.

Financial analysts are needed in various sectors of the economy, but most often, they work in investment and insurance companies, banks, and businesses (IT sector, retail). The work responsibilities of a specialist, depending on the field of activity, may include:

  • maintaining financial records;
  • preparation of analytical reports;
  • analysis of the market situation and data related to financial flows;
  • drawing up financial development models and forecasts.

To become an analyst, you need to obtain a higher education in economics. At the university, you will deeply immerse yourself in your specialty and gain helpful knowledge in related industries.

International lawyers

International law is a prestigious specialty in the field of international law. As a rule, a specialist ensures transactions between citizens of different states or companies registered in different jurisdictions. In international law, there are:

  • public law, the provisions of which regulate national interests (support of agreements between countries at the highest level);
  • private law – relations between individuals and legal entities of different states;
  • supranational law governing relations between countries that have delegated some powers to somebody (for example, the European Commission).

A lawyer can specialize in one area or work in a narrower area, for example, serving the interests of a specific company or protecting the rights of migrants.

The specialist must speak fluently and conduct business correspondence in English (knowledge of other foreign languages will be an advantage), have fundamental knowledge of Russian national law, and understand the peculiarities of the legal system of different states.

The training program is intensive and complex, but as a result, graduates have an almost unlimited number of career development options, especially if they receive an international diploma that can be confirmed elsewhere.

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