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Silvr – The Financing Startup Raises  €18M

Startups all over the world have shown a drastic growth in the past few years. From 18 years old to 80 years old people have come forward with their unique business ideas and have built unicorns. Among the startups many Fintech startups have made their name big. One such name we are talking about today is Slivr.

The start of Silvr:

Silvr is a fintech startup based in Paris which offers revenue based financing services to e-commerce and Saas companies. The company was started in 2020 by entrepreneurs Nima Karimi and Grégory Tappero. Nima used to be an entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the tech and startup world. In the year 2020 Nima sold his company Digital and You and began their journey of bringing Silvr on the floors. While working for Silvr, they had only one objective in mind which was to support digital entrepreneurs so that they can bring their own startups. 

Nima also stated that, ”Our mission at Silvr is to help entrepreneurs succeed. That’s why we’ve created the most suitable financing solution for digital business founders”.
After being established in 2020 Silvr financed dozens of companies in equity for millions of euros. It also raised seed capital of €3 million in the same year. Silver also hired around 20 employees and financed more than 100 companies. Some of the big names are Poiscaille, Lovys, Partoo, Pixpay and Cuure.

Mission of Silvr:

It works with a mission of providing the digital entrepreneurs with all the keys to become a success. Silvr relied on technology and created a toolbox which focuses on adopting the needs of digital companies, so the companies can focus on their long term goals like projects, development and clients.

What Nima has to say about Silvr:

“As an entrepreneur for the past decade, I have been faced several times with the complexity of financing my startups. Banks are reluctant to grant bank loans to digital companies that do not have assets to provide as collateral.The complex and time-consuming journey of raising equity funds concerns only a handful of companies. I founded Silvr to democratize RBF in Europe, promote fairer access to capital and allow tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who create tomorrow’s services to unlock their growth potential.”

Funding Raised by the Company:

Silvr announced a Series A funding round of 130 million euros in which 18 million euros were raised in equity and 112 million euros in debt which was led by XAnge, Otium, Bpifrance, Eurazeo, ISAI and business angels : Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi, Raphaël Vullierme, Louis Chatriot and Pierre Dutaret. It completed the largest fundraising operation in the sector of Revenue based financing in the entire Continental Europe. The company also recruited 100 employees in 2022 to boost its growth in the fintech sector. Financing 100 companies in just a time span of one year is not a small thing, but as Silvr is progressing it has also created its own debt fund and has done strategic partnership with many renowned names in the banking sector.

Focus on Clients:

As Silvr has already made a big name in the industry, all the clients of the company have always been super satisfied with the services which the company has offered over the time. Most of the companies which were financed by Silvr had 60-65% growth in just two months after receiving financing from Silvr. Their customer retention is too high as 99% of their clients refinanced from Silvr

Products of Silvr:

Currently it is having three products which are: 

  • Silvr Capital – This gives easy access to growth capital so the companies can scale up their business without facing problems in financing. 
  • Silvr Analytics – This gives the right analytics which the companies need to know about the areas in which they are lagging behind and more focus has to be drawn. This ultimately helps the companies in driving more sales. 
  • Silvr Extend – In this the company provides a virtual payment card in which the spending limits are really high and there is a 30 day payment term with no fees to be charged from the companies.

Silvr- The Face of Revenue based Financing in Europe:

It has started revenue based financing in Europe which is one of the biggest things in the fintech sector. This financing model enables companies to finance their growth without losing their capital. There is no doubt that Silvr is now one of the topmost leading companies in Europe in the revenue based financing sector. It has also developed an operating system which allows e-commerce and Saas companies where they can access their future revenue in a time span of less than 24 hours.


There are many startups which fail due to insufficient funds for growth or there are many incredible ideas which don’t even come on floors due to lack of capital. Silvr is definitely the right place to go as it fulfills all your business needs and the success rate of the companies which it has financed is very high and they have surely made a big name in their respective industries.

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