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How do You Turn on the Flashlight When You Say Ok Google Lumos?

According to some rare delegated bases, the public says that Google embarked on the interesting Ok Google Lumos characteristic to infer the reunion of Harry Potter’s 20th Anniversary: Recovery to Hogwarts. Warner Bros. and Google together developed the characteristic. To know roughly the characteristics, go through the whole article to learn about Google Lumos.

What is ‘OK Google Lumos Maxima’?

It is a spell utilized in Harry Potter fiction and films. When the wizards cast the trance ‘Lumos Maxima‘ on the rod, the tip of the wand would glow up. The light is useful for the wizard to glimpse in the dusk.

Earlier in January, some multitude chittered that telling ‘Lumos Maxima‘ to Siri wound on the flashlight of the iPhone. Surprisingly, to turn it off, you should let out the counter stretch, ‘Nox’.

So, iPhone users must dab Siri and say the casting extent, ‘Lumos‘ to switch on the flashlight and let out ‘Nox‘ to spin it off. Also, Android users should retain Google Assistant on their phones. To turn on the flashlight, you should tell Ok, Google, and word the casting spell, ‘Lumos‘ and notice the flashlight is contorted. To turn off the glow, say the term, ‘Nox.’

How to turn on your iPhone’s flashlight utilizing the spell Lumos Maxima?

On the internet, numerous cybercitizens have been scouring for the excellent features of Ok Google Lumos Flashlight On. The Lumos element is a startling spell to hardcore buffs of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter sequel and Fantastic Beast. You can utilize the Lumos period on your smartphone to observe the enchantment. 

Google provides the knowledge of charm on the real planet. Thousands of the populace appreciate the Lumos characteristics on their smartphones and are expecting to have better. To know how to utilize the magician’s spell or turn on your iPhone’s flashlight, follow the phases below.

  • Unlock Siri on your iPhone
  • Dab Siri and notify Lumos or Lumos Maxima.
  • You will notice that the flashlight of your iPhone is turned on.

To turn it off, tell the counter extent, Nox. Then the flashlight turns off pursuing your command.

The Google Lumos spell toils on Android phones too. Android consumers have Google Assistant on their mobile phones to assist them in experiencing the charm magician spell, Ok Google Lumos Maxima. So to switch on the trance on Android phones, pursue the below degrees.

  • Unlock Google Assistant on your Android mobile phone.
  • Directly speak to the authority, Hey Google Lumos to spin on the flashlight.
  • The flashlight instantly turns on pursuing your control.
  • To bend it off, speak the counter charm spell, ‘Nox‘ as the exact term is utilized in the Harry Potter movies and fiction to turn off the light from the rod.

Troubleshooting “OK Google Lumos” not working

Sometimes you might face trouble using the Ok Google Lumos feature or may the spell not work. So, the few steps are mentioned below to get out of these issues.

  1. Make sure you have better internet connection
  2. Check your microphone is enabled or not
  3. Ensure the google assistant can recognize or understand your voice.
  4. Verify if your google app and google play service is updated.

Additional interesting Google hacks that are scheduled based on the Hogwarts stretches.

Along with the trances Lumos and Nox, there are additional enchantment periods removed from Hogwarts by Google. We will notice a rare of them in fact, beginning with the prominent Google Lumos. You can utilize these stunts just like a wizard.

  • Hey Ok Google Lumos Maxima

The most exhilarating spell is the Google Lumos which turns on the flashlight on your smartphone after providing the power. To turn on the flashlight on your Android phone, just unlock the Google Assistant and tell the command, Lumos Maxima. To bend it off, say the phrase Nox.

If you put your residence with Google Home smart attendant, you can utilize the Lumos stunt to turn on the intelligent lights. You can encounter the trick in a better versatile path.

  • Open with Alohomora

If you like to understand better about the sorcery spells you can utilize every day, then Alohomora is the apt magical period for your smart cinch. It’s the magic spell used by the wizards of Hogwarts to unlock doors. So Alohomora spell is incorporated into clever home deputies like Alexa, Google Smart Home, and Apple Home Kit. You will feel like a real sorcerer when you say the sorcery term to open your smart gates. Is it not exciting!?’

  • Order your pizza with Accio

You might be thinking for a way to order your food with a few easy steps. Therefore, the Accio is an ultimate way to order pizza or any other things that you want to order by any of the food delivery services. 


Google has numerous exciting hacks and stunts that are worth attempting. Google Lumos and Nox are two amusing larks to turn on and off your smartphone’s flashlight, respectively. The Lumos trance labours both on Android and iPhones. Though, we advise you to stay updated with new updates that google launches or you can stay tuned with articles to get all kinds of related topics and understand them briefly.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What occurs on your Android phone when you tell Lumos?

The flashlight is twisted on when you unlock the Assistant ok google lumo on your Android phone and speak the phrase Google Lumo.

  • How should I utilize the spell Google Lumos?

It is a rather easy and comfortable trick to turn on the phone’s flashlight. Unlock Google Assistant on your Android phone and tell Ok Google Lumos to bend on the flashlight and the counter extent Nox to turn it off.

  • Is the Lumos period relevant on the iPhone?

Affirmative! Tap Siri on your iPhone and tell Lumos to notice if your flashlight is turned on.

  • What should I let Siri do to turn on the flashlight?

Dab Siri and tell the magic spell of Hogwarts, ‘Lumos,’ to turn on the flashlight. To arc it off, speak the counter trance, ‘Nox.’

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