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How to clear the DNS cache on mobile?

DNS Cache is an impermanent data set that stores the IP locations of as-of-late visited sites. At the point when you visit a site, your gadget looks into the IP address of the site in the DNS store as opposed to reaching the DNS server without fail.

This permits programs to interface with and send the information to the CDN, permitting the clients to get to the substance on a site. With DNS, clients can undoubtedly enter the site name utilizing ordinary words into their programs and access the site without stressing over the IP address of the site. Furthermore, in this aide, we will show you the cycle you can follow to clear the chrome //net-internals/#dns mobile. Let us check it out.

How to flush DNS Cache on mobile?

These are a few methods for clearing the DNS cache on Smartphone’s. In addition to the conventional techniques, if you are a root user, you can also completely switch the DNS server and clean the DNS cache on the system. Expand the table below to navigate to any desired area.

  • First, open Chrome on your Android gadget and type the below. Then, select.
  • This will take you to the DNS query page. 
  • Here, tap the Unmistakable host store button to flush the DNS reserve on your Android gadget.
  • This will erase all the nearby reserve put away on your Android gadget and will probably fix DNS-related issues, too.
  • Then, pick Assigned private DNS and tap on Adjust. Here, enter the DNS server of your decision.
  • Introduce the DNS Transformer application from the Play Store on your Android gadget. Presently, open it and pick the custom DNS server from the rundown.
  • At long last, tap on Begin, and you are finished.

A pop-up to authorize the VPN connection will appear as the software routes all traffic through the custom DNS server using Android’s VPN API. It directs the traffic locally and uses fewer system resources than VPN programs, which is advantageous.

Fix the problem

While the above advances appear to be essential, and they are, there are a few clients for whom the Chrome //net-internals/#dns Mobile isn’t working. On the off chance that you are one of such clients, here are a portion of our suggested arrangements that will assist you with fixing the mistake and flush out Chrome DNS. At the point when you execute the above order, your PC will deliver your ongoing IP address. 


You may quickly clear the DNS cache on many platforms by using those URLs. We hope that this essay has allayed your worries and problems.

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