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Homeworkify » Get Free AI Homework & Free Q&A Answers in 2023

What is Homeworkify?

Homeworkify is designed to help students with homework. It is an AI based  educational platform. It really eases students’ burden of doing homework. It has a number of special features which personalise the student’s experiences. It consists of a scanner for maths problems, a library, etc. It can do the assignment as well.   

You can operate this platform on any device. You need to have a better network service. It gives an extra helping hand to students outside the classroom. Sincere use of this app can be really good for the student. It can turn into the best scorecard. 

Salient Features of the Homeworkify App

It has a lot of advanced features which can amaze you as a student. Some of the best qualities are mentioned below: 

1. Scanner

The scanner feature of this software makes all the maths problems easy. It is AI based that’s why it identifies the maths problems and presents its solution immediately. It can also solve the most complex maths problems. It clearly saves your time and energy. If you want to save your time and your mental energy, you must try this app.

2. Practice Set 

If you want to ace the subject maths, you really need to have regular practice. And this app comes with this feature which has a set of practice questions. You can solve 1 set everyday.   

3. Q&A Session 

It gives a different Q&A session. You can make yourself comfortable with new sets of questions. Users get to know the other formulas and they get to understand the other ways of solving the maths problem. 

4. Regular Tests and Exam Preparation

This is the best feature of this app. It comes with a set of regular tests and exam preparation. It’s the most handy tool. It enhances your skill of solving questions with grace and it also gives you a sense of how to manage time when you are giving an exam.  

Limitations of Homeworkify. 

Well, Homeworkify has a lot of features which impresses you as a student but there are exceptions as well. It has few limitations. These are highlighted below: 

1.Subjects Are Limited 

This platform covers a wide range of subjects but it does not have few subjects. Some specialized subjects are not covered by this app.  

2. Over trusting on AI

This is a completely AI based app. Sometimes it may not be accurate. It is the biggest drawback of this app. Students may get addicted to this app only. It can happen that they never try to do anything on their own. It may affect their confidence and their skill of problem solving. 

3. Solutions may not be correct 

Some reviews highlighted that not all the answers were correct. Sometimes the app showed inaccurate and incomplete solutions. 

4. Cost

You get free access to this app. On the other hand, Some other apps are available at high subscription rates. These apps might be a financial burden for some students. Honge, this app is available at free of cost.  

Can we Check Answers on Chegg Without Paying?

Well, Chegg is available when you pay for it. It needs a subscription in order to operate it. Otherwise it hides or blurs the answers. But there’s another option as well. One can start the free trial and then you’ll get to see your answers. You’ll only have to sign up for free. Just cancel it before 30 days otherwise it’ll debut the charge.  

Steps to Get Free Homeworkify Chegg

For anybody who uses Homeworkify Chegg and aren’t aware of the free service that this platform provides. Then follow the given steps to access the free trial of this platform:

  • Open Your desired “Browser”
  • On the search bar type in the official website or Chegg.com
  • Once you do that select the best suitable result.
  • Tap and open the link.
  • As you open the link, click on the option “Sign in” 
  • Next create a new account on the platform by entering the asked credentials.
  • If there are any existing accounts, then you do not create any new accounts. Because it will log out the previous account.
  • Now users need to specify or choose among the options  whether they are a student or a parent.
  • Once you click on a student, you will be given options to  choose whether you are a high school or college student.
  • Now give your desired credit card details, to enable the further process.
  • Finally, after completing all these steps, you can access all the features of this platform.

Note: Users are recommended to  not forget to cancel your platform subscription before one month. Otherwise service charge will be deducted from your credit card.

Is Homeworkify safe to use ? 

Yes, a big yes. It is absolutely safe to use. It is only going to help you. If you use it correctly, It needs a regular check on it. 

Alternatives to homeworkify. 

Here are some alternatives to homeworkify. 

  • Algebra.com
  • Skooli.com
  • Studylib
  • Bidforwriting
  • JustAnswer
  • Emathhelp

What is the website that does your homework for free?

Homeworkify is one of the apps that solves your homework for free. You don’t have to pay for it. It is a really helpful app for students. 

Is Homeworkify Down? 

No, it is not. It has been referred to a different site which is Homeworkify


We saw the reviews of this app. Majority of the students are finding it useful. All credits go to its salient features that it is sastri access. It fulfills most of the requirements of students. We have presente some of its likhta tone as well. It’s up to you to decide whether to use it or not. If you decide to be a member of this app, do not forget your own ability to be a quick leather and someone who can solve maths questions of maths.  

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