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Crafting Innovative Classical Conditioning Essays – A Fresh Perspective

Classical conditioning is a learning process in which a subject responds and behaves on certain stimuli.  According to the National Library of Medicine:

“Classical conditioning is one of those unconscious learning methods and is the most straightforward way in which humans can learn, is the process in which an automatic, conditioned response is paired with specific stimuli.”

In this condition, an unconditional stimulus leads to an unconditioned response, which will be a natural reaction. During this whole process, a neutral stimulus is combined with the unconditional stimulus and this paring results in an unconditional response.

According to Wikipedia, Ivan Pavlov, a famous Russian physiologist born in the mid-1800s, worked and gave the theory of classical conditioning by experimenting with dogs against the sound of the bell and published the final outcomes in 1897.

Usually, these unconditional stimuli do not have any association with the response, but within the conditional, the subject associates it and learns these conditions to respond in a natural way.  

Classical Conditioning Essay: A Mandatory Task in Psychology Coursework  

Classical conditioning is one of the most common topics all psychology students have to learn. During their coursework, students are often assigned by their professors with classical conditioning essay writing assignments. 

Psychology instructors ask students to write an essay on classical conditioning with their fresh perspectives, which require an in-depth understanding of unconditional stimuli and unconditional responses.

Furthermore, students also find difficulties when they move towards writing effective academic writing, formatting, editing and proofreading. At this spot, they require a fresh perspective with a detailed guide, and they can also go for psychology essay help from a reliable source like The Academic Papers UK if they do not want to go through this whole tough procedure on their own.

How to Craft Innovative Classical Conditioning Essays?

A psychology essay on classical conditioning is a query related to your understanding of a specific stimulus or a situation and its unconditional responses. Your condition might be unique, and you are asked to write an innovative essay on it.

How will you do it? Don’t worry. We have come up with a fresh perspective to guide you on how you can write innovative Classical Conditioning Essays to impress your professor. 

Pre-Writing Tips 

1. Choose Topic Wisely 

Your topic selection determines the rest of the writing procedure for writing an impressive piece of the essay. So you have to select it with full attention and pick one topic that will show your own interest, your inner abilities, and background knowledge in a favourable light.

According to Lumen Learning, Choosing a Topic depends on the following: 

  • Your personal knowledge and interest 
  • Topic you care about 
  • Subject matter your audience cares about

2. Research & Analysis 

After choosing a topic for your essay, the next thing is to conduct research on it to gather and analyse relevant material. To collect relevant information, you can go through different psychology books from your university library.

Furthermore, internet search engines are the best sources of gathering the latest and current research on classical conditioning essay psychology, such as: 

  • Google Books 
  • Google Scholar 
  • Psychology Journals
  • Authentic web-based articles 

3. Plan your Strategy

To plan your classical and operant conditioning essay writing strategy, you need to make a mind map in which you can draw a map of how your mind works on combining ideas. For example, you are writing an essay on how Classical conditioning affects pain and its clinical applications. 

So, you can plan your writing by dividing it into three sections: your study goals, the strategies you used and their outcomes. According to the Current Pain and Headache Reports in “Pavlov’s Pain: The Effect of Classical Conditioning on Pain Perception and its Clinical Implications.” published in 2019, you can plan your task in a Schematic diagram as shown below: 

Classical Conditioning Essays: Writing Tips

Start writing your essay by following the global structure of an essay containing the main sections: 

  1. Introduction 
  2. The main Body 
  3. Conclusion

According to Harris University UK, a general essay structure is like this: 

1. Introduction

Being a psychology student, you should know about the attractive and anchoring effects. As the first impression affects the final assessments, you need to grab your marker’s attention through your introduction.

The introduction is about 10% of the whole essay size. Make it engaging by describing the issue behind the classical conditioning essay question, chalk out your core statement, and outline your topic scope. It is removed to write your introduction at the end of your writing procedure. 

2. Main Body Paragraphs

The main body paragraphs are the main part of your essay that will allow you to prove your thesis statement.  Here, you can write all the relevant evidence and supporting information by analysing it and trying to find out the truth behind the subject matter. 

Ensure to write every paragraph as a primary unit describing a complete point of view related to your topic. To make your essay more valid, do not too much relay on secondary sources of information but also add your first-hand information as much as possible.


When you are done with your paragraph, write your conclusion section impressively. Your introduction matters in creating a first impression, the same way the Classical Conditioning Essay Conclusion reflects a lasting impression on the marker mind, which helps them to decide your final grades. 

While writing your conclusion, you have to move from specific to general ideas. Summarise all the key points, recall your topic and restate your thesis statements. Do not add any new information that you do not discuss in your body paragraph. Windup your essay by indicating: 

  • What your research work is?
  • Why did you choose this topic?
  • How will this study be helpful for further research?

Post Writing Tips

1. Editing 

Revise your written work, again and again, to improve your draft writing by evaluating flaws and errors regarding sentence structure and coherence between sentences and paragraphs. 

2. Formatting 

Your essay should be written completely according to the instructions, such as font size, font style, referencing style and the overall essay structure. 

3. Proofreading 

For proofreading, take a break and come with fresh eyes. Read your essay repeatedly and check it against spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes to give your essay a more refined look. 


Writing an essay on classical conditioning is a technical procedure containing multiple steps and tricks to make it effective.  Most of the students are struggling with standard conditioning essay topics and find it difficult to provide the required structure, in-depth research, and a well-organised essay without any errors. 

Here, such students need proven strategies with fresh perspectives for writing their innovative Classical Conditioning Essays from scratch. As we discussed above, pre-writing, writing, and post-writing techniques make this whole procedure easy for you.

But if you are still confused, do not have enough time to learn these tips or want to get rid of this whole tough procedure, contact experts for psychology essay help and impress your professor to get top grades. 

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