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Everything to know About Kibho coin History Before Investing Money


Having the legal name — Bmmu Technologies Pvt Ltd, Kibho is the crypto coin of the said company that serves cryptocurrency-based network marketing companies. The company is based in Visakhapatnam and comes as a registered company under MCA. It began its operations on the 28th of May, 2020, and is currently looked after by company directors — KM Venkatrao and Nirmala Kilaparthy. We have included more about this coin history in this article and you can begin right here: 

About Kibho coin history

When it comes to the value of Kibho, it is never stagnant and was last recorded at $37.50 on May 2023. This is a crypto coin of Bmmu Technologies Pvt Ltd, that also has other services like Wallet and K Xchange and will likely stretch services to K-Dish DTH, and K My Needz shortly. Nevertheless, the main area of focus is the crypto coin. The company receives almost 3+ million users every month, most of which are from India. 

How to Join the Kibho Coin? 

If you have chosen your future with this, you’ll be more than happy to learn that joining it is rather simple. You only have to register through the official website of the company by filling up the details that have been asked, such as name, address, email ID or contact number. And after joining, you can instantly start earning by becoming an associate. However, you will be liable for buying coins worth Rs 500 to get started. For any issues that you may encounter during your time on it, you can always get help from another experienced this associate. 

Should you join and become a part of Kibho coin history? 

this, being a kind of Kibho crypto, is never short of risks. The first red flag that many people notice is the number of external investors, which is quite low. Such a lack means the overall value of this isn’t well enough. It isn’t known why investors don’t see the crypto coin worth their money. But given the lack of actual investors, this may be a bad idea at times. In addition, it has happened in this coin history that invested money is locked for the time being. In addition to that, this relies much on the Multi-Level Marketing plan. As such, people have to continuously look for people to join in their other or the financial structure sizes. 


Kibho Although legitimate, coin history isn’t very appealing to people — a reason why the company receives very few new members. Nevertheless, the final call should be yours because this has a proper license to run Cryptocurrency. Just make sure that your decisions don’t end up hurting you financially, and that your funds don’t go in vain.

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