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Bess Katramados Bio: Big Show Wife

Bess Katramados may be known as the wife of WWE superstar Big Show, but she is much more than just a wrestler’s spouse. With a career in modeling and fitness, Bess has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her striking looks and charming personality have captured the hearts of many fans around the world. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Bess Katramados’ life story, from her early beginnings to her current role as wife and mother. Get ready to discover the fascinating journey of one remarkable woman!

Early Life and Education

Bess Katramados was born in 1973 in Illinois, United States. She grew up in a middle-class family and had a relatively normal childhood. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about her early life and upbringing. However, it’s known that Bess attended a local school for her primary education before going to Southern Illinois University Carbondale for higher studies. At the university, she focused on studying fashion merchandising and marketing.

During her time at college, Bess developed an interest in fitness modeling and started working out regularly to maintain a toned physique. Her dedication paid off when she won several national-level competitions and became recognized as one of the top fitness models in the country. After completing her degree, Bess decided to pursue her passion for modeling and began working full-time as a model. Later on, she met Paul Wight (Big Show) while he was performing with WWE and soon became his wife after dating for some time.


Bess Katramados is known for being the wife of Big Show, one of WWE’s biggest stars. However, she also has a successful career of her own outside of her husband’s fame. Before getting into the entertainment industry, Bess worked as a model and fitness trainer. Her passion for health and wellness led her to become a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer.

In 2006, Bess got involved with WWE when she was hired as a part-time employee in their talent relations department. She quickly rose through the ranks and became an integral member of the team. Bess has been credited with helping to scout new talent for WWE and played a key role in recruiting some of their biggest stars today. She has also worked on various projects within the company such as creating content for their website and social media channels. Despite not being in front of the camera like her husband, Bess’ behind-the-scenes work has made a significant impact on WWE’s success over the years.

Personal Life

Throughout her life, Bess Katramados has accomplished a lot and played many different roles. From being a model to becoming the wife of one of WWE’s biggest stars, she has continuously proven that hard work and dedication can take you far in life.

However, despite all of her achievements, Bess remains a private person who rarely shares details about her personal life with the public. She is devoted to her family and prefers to spend time away from the limelight. At present, Bess is enjoying motherhood and taking care of her two children alongside The Big Show. They reside together in Miami Beach, Florida. All in all, Bess Katramados may be known as The Big Show’s wife but there is so much more to this talented woman than meets the eye. She is an inspiration for anyone looking to break into modelling or simply seeking success through hard work and determination.

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