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MC Command Center- Everything you need to know!

Almost every teenager and young adult of today’s generation has had a small gamer face in their childhood. MC Command Center This has been due to the surge of private computers and the availability of the Internet all over the world in the early 2000s. And so did the evolution of online gaming. Ask any 2000’s kid about Sims 4 and they will start reminiscing about the old times. Well, Sims 4 is still very much in the business and has a humongous scope. There are a number of modifications one can make to the game. And to make the said modifications, mods are downloaded and run alongside the original game.

Know about MC command centre?

MC Command Center is a highly beneficial addition to the basic and all-renowned EA creation game titled Sims 4. has a comprehensive module that is important for the connection and linkage of all the other modules. This will ensure the smooth running of the apps and software by creating a secure connection within the modules.

MC command centre Sims 4 is a mod that gives you options to control your Sims lives. Even the tiniest and the smallest detail, you can modify as per your liking. 

How does MC Command work?

MC Command helps its users enhance their gaming experience by providing them with the missing story progression element of regular Sims 4 games . It allows them to edit and NPCs to create their own family with mod. Also, you can decide the time period of a player in each life stage through this platform. 

Steps to install the MC command center? 

It is imperative how fun the Sims 4 MC command centre can make your gaming experience. So, if you play Sims 4 or are looking to start a virtual simulation world with your Sims; Its time to download the Sims 4 MC command centre.
Follow the guide from the first to the last step to successfully download and install the MC command centre. 

Step 1: The first step is downloading the mod. The process of MC command centre download can be initiated by visiting Deaderpool’s Blog. Deaderpool has created this command centre and still has the host to download the mod on their personal blog itself. Once the blog is open, one needs to look for the tab titled “MCCC Downloads”. Now, click on the said tab.

Step 2: Once you are on the Downloads tab, you will see a list of different versions and compatible files of the mod. The compatibility might range from different bit sizes to Microsoft and IOS versions. Here, you need to find the best compatible latest version of the mod for your system. Then click on the desired ZIP file and release it. This should start the download of the file for our Sims 4 command centre mod.

Step 3: Go to your downloads and UNZIP the file to reveal the subfiles inside it. One main step is to access all the advantages of the mc command mod is to place the downloaded files inside the already existing mods folder. This pre-existing mod folder can be found in the EA or Electronic Arts folder. This folder is the one that holds all of the files related to your Sims 4 game.

Step 4: Modify and save the Resource.cfg files to implement the changes. This step is important to be conducted the very first time using the MC command centre only. You simply make the edits described in Step 3 and save. 

Step 5: To initiate the mod, you need to right-click on the same Resource.cfg file and select the option “open” with “Notepad”. 

Step 6: The sixth step is to check if you have successfully installed and initiated the mod or not. For this very reason, you are going to launch the game and go to the menu. Here, you are looking for game options. Click on the game options then click on “other” under game options. A box will be opened and make sure that you have the two options, “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Script Mods Allowed” on. To turn these on, simply check the boxes present against them. 

Step 7: Now when you enter the game, a window should pop up to introduce you to the MC mod. This pop-up will show that the mod is working. If you don’t get the said pop-up, that means that the MC common centre is not working correctly.

Step 8: To try to find the problem, go to the settings on your PC. When you search for the MC command centre, the commonly used settings should show. 

Step 9: Another important point is to keep the MC command centre updated, especially if there is an update for the Sims 4 game. It is worth mentioning that this step is important for all the custom content and mods you are currently using with your game. To find the latest compatible versions of  MC mod, keep visiting Deaderpool’s blog.


In conclusion, we can say that MC command centre is a highly instrumental mod. Hopefully, The steps listed in the article explained the requirements for MC command centre sims 4 download.

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