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India Has Taken Steps To Stop SIM Card Frauds

It has always been important for any country to provide safety for the nation. The Government will always find its best to safeguard the information or data associated with the nation. For the benefit of the country’s security, the Indian Government has launched Telecom portal for the misuse of Aadhar cards. The TAFCOP portal was launched by the Department of Telecommunication to look after all the SIM cards that are not in use or taken legally by using someone else’s Aadhar card.

Do you know about the SIM card fraud in the country?

With the increase in the growth of SIM card fraud, many fraudsters engage on numerous acts such as SIM swap, fake customer care services to heist money from the public, etc. Even many mobile shops use your Aadhar card to produce SIM cards for other people and sell them we have to face the consequences if any fraudulent acts happen.

Fraudsters use the sim swap technique to gain access to your bank accounts and block your real sim with a fake one that they get from your service provider. Through this process, they get access to all your bank-related OTPs and messages, as well as your credit or debit card-related information through taf cop consumer portal.

As an example of sim-swapping fraud, two fraudsters gain access to a businessman’s sim and withdraw more than Rs 72 lakh from his bank account.

There are incidents of using the same picture in different bogus documents or other people’s Aadhar cards to get 685 SIM cards to initiate different types of fraud.

Other initiatives taken to stop SIM fraud

Many SIM card service providers like JIO, Airtel, and Vi allow users to get eSIM from physical SIM cards free of charge because they launched the first eSIM mobile by iPhone to prevent SIM card fraud. eSIM has the potential to stop a drastic amount of SIM fraud as there is no fear of losing, damaging, or getting stolen.

Recently, the Indian Government has already deactivated millions of mobile connections and blacklisted thousands of dealers. Also, ordered all SIM companies to stop producing bulk SIM cards and mandated police verifications of SIM card dealers.

Each subscriber has to do KYC (Know Your Customer) during any SIM issuing. As well, providers have to scan the QR code from the physical Aadhar printouts to solidify the individual’s identity. 

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